Our intention is not only playing the role of a material supplier to our customers, but serving as an invaluable partner for customized product and service requirements. Technology evolution requires to develop new products or to improve the current design. Our customers come to us with their unique sets of technical issues requiring professional solutions. We work closely with them in every step of the problem solving. Customers look to Arepoc not as an outside supplier but an extension of their technical capability.


Non-standard Hall probes

We shall be pleased to manufacture custom designed or non-standard Hall probes for our customers.



On a request the calibration of standard as well as non-standard types of Hall probes can be carried out.



With our multifunction data acquisition plug-in PC boards all types of Hall probes can be controlled. You don‘t need buy expensive Gaussmeters.



Calculation, design and manufacturing of copper electromagnets for cryogenic temperatures.


3-D design and engineering

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need to design and/or manufacture sample holders or inserts for your special cryogenic measurements. We can offer our service for prototyping and 3-D design of your non-standard equipments.