Hall probe is a device that utilizes the Hall effect for the purpose of generating a direct output voltage in the presence of a magnetic field. If constant control current fed the Hall probe a Hall voltage is directly proportional to the magnetic flux density. Alike, if the probe is in a constant magnetic flux density, the Hall voltage is directly proportional to the control current. Therefore, quality of the output voltage measured on the Hall probe depends on the quality of the current source and quality (and sensitivity) of the voltmeter.

Many of our customers prefer to have all-in-one device (adjustable current source, voltmeter, signal conversion and data transfer to a computer). To meet these requirements of our customers we offer special external USB data acquisition modules.

DAQ boards in combination with application software and Hall probes are developed for high resolution magnetic field measurements. High resolution of these boards results from the application of auto-calibration method. DAQ boards consist of an isolated high resolution integrating analog-digital converter with 8 programmable differential inputs, programmable DC current source and 8 digital inputs/outputs.


The USB2AD external module is intended for connecting to industrial or personal computer or to notebook which is equipped with USB port. This data acquisition module is designed for operation with 32-bit Windows® operating systems.

Alike, this module comes with functions in DLL library which can be called from LabView, Visual C++, Delphi or Visual Basic development tools.

The USBDAQ is an application for controlling the USB2AD external module. It has the similar appearance and functions like the PciDAQ application. Moreover, it is improved input/output chopper settings.

Our USB2AD multifunction DAQ devices are specially designed for applications that need programmable DC current source and precise differential analog inputs. Conception of our high performance devices differs from other data acquisition boards and approaches rather higher accuracy 8 channels multimeters.

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