AREPOC s.r.o. established in 1991, is a small sized European company that supplies high quality products to customers in both basic and applied research laboratories, universities, government nuclear research institutions and cryogenic industry. Since 1992, Arepoc has entered into the mutually beneficial relationship with the Institute of Electrical Engineering the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Arepoc has positioned itself to commercialize new developed Hall probes produced by this non-profit state organization. Over the past several years, Arepoc has distinguished itself as the leading supplier of cryogenic high linearity Hall probes. The complete line of sensors includes special Hall probes suitable for precision magnetic field measurements up to 30 Tesla, 3-axis and linear multi-probe arrays for the line mapping of HTc superconductors. Arepoc works with clients that need assistance in designing custom Hall probes suitable for their specific measurements.


An extended area of concentration includes custom AC and DC electromagnets and coils designed for cryogenic applications. A recent addition to the product line is programmable 20 to 26 bits data acquisition PC board AD25PCI, which is capable to supply and monitor different types of Hall probes and temperature sensors with high resolution. Additional capabilities include design and construction of tooling equipments using parametric 3D solid modeling software.


Since 1995, Arepoc has participated in three-year joint research project, signed with the Commission of the European Communities, to develop manufacturing techniques for HTc superconducting magnets. In 1996, our company has invented method for longitudinal deformation of high temperature superconductors. An Eccentric roll machine utilizing the new method was patented in 1997. In 1998 - 2004 the Arepoc was a sustaining member of the Cryogenic Society of America. In March 2000, Arepoc has signed a membership agreement with the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas, established in Spain to realize specific RTD program entitled "Metal oxide multilayers obtained by cost-effective new CVD technologies for magnetoelectronic microsystems and nanotechnologies" founded by European Community.


With extensive experiences AREPOC continually delivered products of highest standards and quality to customers worldwide.